The following people read the script for “Broken Glass”, here’s what they thought of it:

Rajneel Singh | Filmmaker, “Make My Movie” Finalist:

“I really enjoyed it and found it to be suspenseful, well-paced with cool characters and great dialogue. Even though the elements were very familiar, I thought they were handled in quite a refreshing and stunning way. Every scene had a beginning, middle and end and every ending to every scene had a hook that kept my interest in going to the next. Really awesome, great read, loved it and found it interesting! Hope the film does the writing justice because it’s a fun and strong little story”

Alana Zivanovic | Actress

“A very moving piece that is worthy of all the funding it can get!”

Nickey Drayer | Film Professional

“I read the script a lot faster than I anticipated. It’s marvelous. Towards the end it was making me want to cry from memories. It’s absolutely wonderful!”

Amanda Nevarez | Award-Winning Producer of “Run This Town”

“I can’t wait to see this come to life on the big screen! Tackling such a sensitive subject like this can be uncomfortable, but this script brings the uncomfortable to life and does it with grace”.

Raquel Sims | Actress & Filmmaker

“Two words: FEATURE FILM! It’s bloody fantastic! If by chance you lose your arms, legs, mouth and go blind I’d be quite happy to direct it for you”

Andrew Chambers | Filmmaker

“F**king brilliant. I got a Spielberg vibe from this, I was able to paint a very vivid image of everything”

Anita Ross | Actress

“I absolutely LOVE the concept, what a great idea with such a potential to be visually stunning too! I can’t wait to see it realised and on the big screen!”

Tasha Sharp | Subject Matter Consultant

“I like the fact that glass is so beautiful, fragile and painful at the same time. The links between the creature and the boy are so vivid in that sense”


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