“Broken Glass” has gained the support of Shine, New Zealand’s single largest domestic abuse organisation registered as a charity who are celebrating their 20th anniversary of doing what works to stop domestic abuse. Executive Director Jane Drumm says, “these are tough times and family violence is a grim issue – on both counts, this country needs to feel that a light is shining on a terrible problem and that some brightness is coming”. For more information about Shine visit www.2shine.org.nz




“Jigsaw” are a network of 42 family and child protective services organisations around New Zealand. They have also given “Broken Glass” their endorsement. For more information about Jigsaw, visit www.jigsaw.org.nz





With bullying and domestic violence at its core, the portrayal of these issues on screen is important to ensure it remains in people’s minds. A UN Women report published in July 2011 stated that a third of New Zealand women have experienced physical violence from a partner within the last ten years (2000-2010). From the 14 developed countries surveyed, New Zealand was found to be one of the worst for domestic violence and changes made this year to the way funding is administered to supporting organisations make it more important than ever to highlight the issue.

“To fix a problem, you have to create the conversation”


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