Day 2: Crying in the Rain

On our first day of shooting in daylight hours on Friday morning, we found ourselves standing in Karori Park unsure whether the rain was going to stay or go. After deciding to try shooting in the hope the showers were just periodic, we ended up getting caught in a downpour that didn’t seem like it was going to let up and we decided to call it a day there and head to shoot our wet weather scenes indoors.

This meant we had to completely rearrange our original shooting schedule which was all a bit exciting for a while there! However, it was doable and this did mean that we spent most of the afternoon shooting some of the most important scenes of the entire film with some pretty amazing results. The performances were exactly how I envisaged them in my head when I’d written the script and the lighting setup we have for that scene has some wonderfully visual elements about it that have ended up surpassing my expectations.

It was during this scene that our lead actor Rhys delivered probably what I’ve come to regard as the pivotal line in the script, it’s a major turning point in the story for every main character involved and I was always feeling confident he’d be able to deliver. However, what I wasn’t prepared for was quite how well he would because when he did, it was laced with so much vulnerability and disappointment complete with an almost quivering lip and cracked voice that it caught me off-guard. As we cut from that particular take, I found myself having to wipe my eyes and cheeks as I’d managed to unwittingly burst into tears during the take. I think you know you’ve got something special on camera when a raw take moves you like that.

By the end of day 2, although we’d been going at a fairly slower pace due to the weather issues and location move in the morning, in the end I feel it was necessary to really buy us enough time to spend on getting that pivotal scene right. Given the subject matter of the film, it was hugely important so it seems fate knew that and threw us a sidewinder 🙂

Bring on Day 3!

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