The Final Countdown

Just 3 sleeps left until we start shooting and I have to say that tonight is the first time I’ve been able to get truly excited about production. 

While others were out enjoying a lovely sunny day in Wellington, we were in an underground theatre with our cast trying on costumes and then had to run up to the other end of town for a production meeting with all of our HODs (heads of department). That was the first time we’d had them all in a room together and it was really great to sort out all our final outstanding issues and give everyone an update on where the various departments are at. And mostly, everyone knew what they were doing and had everything under control which is an incredibly encouraging thing to get confirmation of.

It was all looking rather scary earlier when we realised we would need someone to be our generator supervisor on the day but within a few hours our 1st Assistant Director Elliot had called to say he’d found someone who was qualified to do it for us. Once that was sorted, the stress just seemed to melt away and now I have that tingle of excitement in my stomach.

This film began its life on the evening of June 13th 2011 and the images have been swimming around in my head and scrambling to get out for the last 10 months. So it’s moments like attending a costume fitting and seeing the actors in costume for the first time that really touches a nerve with me, I found myself thinking “S#%t just got real”.

I think as a filmmaker, there’s really no greater feeling than seeing the images in your head finally coming to life in front of you in the form of a living breathing character. And quite often, this happens in a form that is even greater and beyond what you first envisaged. Over the next few days we just have a few final chores, pieces of equipment to pick up and catering preparations to be made and then it’s going to be all systems go!

It’s going to be a rollercoaster, but I’m sure by the time we reach the end we won’t want to get off 🙂

“If you can dream it, you can do it” ~ Walt Disney

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