The Week Before Shooting

Well, it’s Friday night and I am at home preparing myself for a weekend of film-related madness as we approach the final hurdles of pre-production.

At the start of this week, all hope seemed lost as we heard the price tag for the equipment insurance for the gear we are going to be using on this film. The camera we are using is the RED Epic camera, which means nothing to most people I’m sure but to put it in perspective it’s the same camera they are using to shoot “The Hobbit” and “Prometheus” in 3D on. No, we’re not shooting in 3D – thankfully! But it is going to look rather splendid nonetheless 🙂

After managing to overcome that hurdle and find a way to afford the cost of the insurance without sacrificing other areas of the budget we pressed on. Then came the news that PJ was making some film and he needed our Gaffer next week (RUDE!). That’s the head of the electrical/lighting department if you don’t know what a Gaffer is, and when shooting in the forest with generators and the like it’s a pretty important cog in the wheel. Not to worry though, our DoP Matt Sharp had it in hand and already had a back up plan for a back up plan.

This weekend we have costume fittings with various cast members and a major production meeting happening as we approach the final days of preparation. Shooting begins on Wednesday 25th April and goes through to Sunday 29th April. So far, the weather forecast says we are likely to have dry weather all the way up until the Sunday when we are shooting inside all day – if that holds true, then Wellington is truly the best place on Earth to make movies! 🙂

We also have some potential catering help for our night shoot, so we’ll reveal all and rave about how awesome said eating establishment is when we have more on that!

I’m planning to try and blog during the final days of pre-production and while we are shooting too, so more soon hopefully!

Chaz Harris – Writer/Director Producer

“Pain is temporary, film is forever”

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